Invitation for Bid (IFIB)-Sealed Bid​​

Today's blog is a basic overview of IFIB-Sealed Bid. What other process is available for federal acquisition professional to solicit a requirement? When would a Federal Agency use Sealed Bid procurement dynamic? What limitation would the Sealed Bid process have? Before the use of Request for Proposals (RFP) federal agencies used the method of IFIB-Sealed Bid. The premise behind sealed bidding for IFIB is to provide equal opportunity for the public at large to respond to an IFIB. The federal solicited the requirement in a Government point of entry. Today this mostly completed on, when IFIB-Sealed Bid was commonplace in years past this solicitation was posted a bulletin board in some publicly accessible lobby or a newspaper. In 2014 noted, sealed bidding Dynamics are appropriate in “fair and open” competitive marketplace, so the buying activity cannot impact the outcome. Also, Sealed Bid is an official paper put in a sealed envelope in response to an Invitation for Bid (IFIB). Furthermore, FAR 14, provides governance and definitions for Sealed Bids. Tomorrow will cover some of the essential steps. I look forward to everybody joining! Passing on a little knowledge each day. #knowledge #Informative #SmilesDiscountsLLC #DrClaude 


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