Starting a business!

Over the last few weeks, the discussion was on the required governance in order to start a business like proper structure, i.e., LLC. Most of the governance talk was in area of public sector work, i.e., federal contracts. The federal acquisitions rules require many elements to starting a business and workzing with ”Uncle Sam.” This elements includes registration with, a DUNS Number, and Gage code. Some of the other elements along the way, I discovered was getting an EIN from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and a business bank account. Both of the items are needed for completing the registration in

There are many days, I feel like giving up my new goal of starting a new busy. Sure it very important to figure, what your providing and whom your providing this to. No what your busy does, please thake the process slow when getting started other. Feel free to research, I also provide business development services. Dr. Claude

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