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         Have you ever tried meditation or yoga? Mindfulness includes meditation, imagery, yoga, or other forms of relaxation like Tai Chi. With the advances of the smartphone, there are many applications on IOS and Android like “Headspace.” Headspace covers various meditation topics. These topics include anxiety, depression, performance, and rehabilitation. Andy from ”Headspace” notes in his rehabilitation pack, ”go slow to go fast,” during the healing process. Additionally, you can find applications on yoga and Tai Chi, which are forms of relaxation that originated in the Far East and India. My daily routine besides praying every day includes meditation, yoga, or Tai Chi. 

       We should always take a few minutes each day to focus on something other than the difficulties of life. Have you gotten up after night’s sleep in a bad mood? Did you feel that way all day? From my experience, I have to start every day with a smile, an excellent breakfast, saying a prayer, and practicing stress management or mindfulness. On the days, I skip any or all parts of my morning ritual a “funk” or a bad attitude develops. If I try to fit one of the components around other happenings in my life later on in the day, I become anxious, and the practices rushed. What is your morning ritual?

          In 2012, Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes Journal noted stress management practices like meditation each day has had a favorable effect on “cardiovascular risk factors, e.g., hypertension, psychological stress, substance abuse, insulin resistance, myocardial ischemia, left ventricular mass and carotid atherosclerosis.” The advantageous effect on meditation is also noted in the journal, which addresses a study showing that the participants had lower blood pressures and improved health after regular stress management practices. In 2017, Journal of Religion and Health published an article on the latest holistic healthcare trend of meditation. The author notes, maintenance, and improved health through meditation goes back nearly “3000 years.” Additionally, the origins of meditation are derived from the word “Dhyana” or contemplation.

        In 2012, mindful.org noted four critical steps to starting each morning. These steps are Checking-in, mind for good, focus on the moment, and use commuting times like red lights to check into the body. Let us look further into the author’s thoughts, first ”checking-in” with consist focus on the body from your head to your toe and how each part feels. Next, ”mind for good” is a process to put positive thoughts in your head each day. 


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