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Loving Support

"To me besides the discussion on grace and love, I believe loving support during challenging times help immensely. Over my lifetime and during my personal health events, I have been always surrounded by loving and supportive family members and friends. Over the two weeks in my hospital stay, I received many visits from my brothers, sisters, my loving wife, and my best friend. They all have very busy lives but took the time to come say hello and check on me. Have you ever put work over a family member’s need? Have you ever put life over a family member’s need? Have you ever taken the time just to say hello or care for somebody? In 2018, John Hopkins Medical University noted, millions of “couples” have to deal with “serious illness like cancer and heart disease.” Additionally, the author notes that listening to an individual during these difficult times has proven to help. From my experience, many individuals during severe illness struggle with uncertainty and their mortality. Love and support are essential and vital during these challenging times. In 2017, Mary Jaksch at GoodlifeZen.com noted several ways to comfort someone during a difficult time. Ms. Jaksch says, “make contact, listen, be there, you probably don’t know how your friend feels, don’t push, help make decisions, offer practical help, and bring food.” Listening and comforting are the most helpful things for others during challenging times. Remember everybody’s different, from my experience, we should always listen and not try to solve others problems."


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