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What wakes you up in the morning? What motivates you? Do you set goals in your life? Locke and Latham note on the Theory of Goal Setting, setting a goal gives direction, energy persistence, and interest on the goal at hand. Some of my goals include working on a few other books and being able to run a mile again without stopping.

Additionally, when setting a goal, it should be realistic and attainable. I always like to start off with small goals to get into the habit of developing a routine of goal setting. I usually write down on a notepad a brief description of my goal and then I refine it over time, especially if challenges come up along the way. For instance, one of my current goals is to complete a fictional manuscript on the theme of murder mysteries like Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes series.

I have been reading and listening many authors that have written murder mysteries, for instance, John Connolly’s Charles Parker series and Charles Todd’s Ian Rutledge series to understand character development and plot development in a matter mystery. While doing further research, I read the average fictional murder mystery is usually between 60,000 to 100,000 words or more. My doctoral dissertation was only 50,000 individual words. At first, the “word mountain” took over my thought process and brought in the “doubt monster.” After taking a deep breath, I developed the plan to write 500 to 1000 each on the manuscript and once I get the point, where I happy the final product and not to worry the word.

Finally, the goal you are trying to obtain should be enjoyable , especially during the good and the bad times through the whole process. We all have hopes, dreams, and goals, but if you do not enjoy the process or the final goal, why try to obtain the goal? Additionally, I have tried many goals over my lifetime, but I realized developing a plan also helps. Furthermore, we should always talk with God to see his thoughts! Passing on a little knowledge each day. Dr Claude :)


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