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Statement of Work

The following is an excert from my new book!

"With changes in governance and policy, all program managers need to start with a Statement of Work (SOW), especially in the process of developing a requirement. There are specific requirements the government needs to be real accurate on the outcome and how the contractor needs to perform the work. Villanova University describes SOW an element within a contract the provides specific details on how one party expects the project to be completed. Furthermore, Villanova University stated a SOW should be clear and concise and explain every step and expectation on how the project should be completed. A SOW should include milestones and timetables. Also, the SOW should be comprehensible communications for both parties. Finally, Villanova University recommend the following five guidelines be included in a SOW; “complexity, risks, expertise, time, and clear directions,” For example, a construction contracting activity’s engineers develop a design for repairs to a building that provide specifics for a construction firm to follow by the letter of the law. This dynamic is called a Design-Bid-Build requirement by construction agencies. Sometimes the contracting activity obtains a design from architectural and engineering (AE) firm in this dynamic.

According to Defense Acquisition University, a SOW provides clear directions and dynamics to the contractor on completing the requirement. In 2011, ASI Government noted, a SOW outlines “what is to be done, but also how it is to be done.” A SOW should have four separate sections, which are titled background, objective, scope, and requirements. In the Department of Defense (DoD)’s guidebook to SOW dated 1991, SOW is part of Section C in the Request for Proposal (RFP). The scope section provides directions, stipulations data, prerequisites, and depictions of “deliverable products.” Acqnote.com recommends the adding documents like handbooks, governmental instructions, governance related to the requirement. In 2012, Defense AT&L Magazine noted nine crucial steps and proper completion of a SOW. These nine steps are define, major areas, identify programs, work breakdown structure, responsibilities, outline, content, internal review, and external review.

In 2011, General Service Administration (GSA) noted a “SOW is typically used when the task is well known and described in specifics.” The typical statement of work should include; an introduction, background, objectives, scope, requirements and tasks, program and project management, documentation, deliverables and schedules Government furnished information or equipment and other specifics for both parties to understand. I would also include security measures and and address accessibility for the contractor’s employees into a complex."


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