North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

September 22, 2018

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         Over the next few weeks and months,  we will walk through the process of starting up a business, especially for those individuals that are looking for opportunities through the federal government. I am in the process of setting up my own business, so will be taking the journey together.  Today’s discussion is on North American Industry Classification System or NAICS code.  The only portion in the Federal acquisition regulation or FAR that addresses this requirement is in chapter 19 or everything a small business owner needs to know.  If we're starting a new business, then your business would be considered small by federal regulation.  Businesses like Apple or Microsoft initially started as a small business. 

Back to the discussion at hand,  NACIS codes provide an easy way for all federal agencies in identifying, what business services or products.  The NAICS code is updated every five years by United States Census Bureau.  The Census Bureau provides a hardback publication of all the NAICS codes every five years or you can research the information on  So let us get started,  for the purpose of this discussion, my business will provide two separate services consulting and training. Both of these topics are general enough to assist you in finding the right NAICS codes.  Make sure in your marketing material,  once you decide on the proper NAICS codes you list all that are possible for companies service or product you provide. 

    I  look up the word “NAICS code” on any search engine on the Internet.  You will obtain a website.  Once the screen comes up, you will be provided several search fields on the left of the website.  2017 was the latest update for NAICS codes; I input the word consulting.  I received various consulting service results like engineering,  trial, and general management consulting services. I decide on the next code 541611 which covers general management consulting through business startup consulting services. Many times you will have to pick a NAICS code that closely fits your product or service but is not exact. Remember you can have multiple NAICS Code!  I hope this discussion today get you started on obtaining wonderful business opportunities in the public sector. Finally, always remember passing on a little knowledge provides us all-purpose. Dr. Claude :)  




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