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Governmentwide Point of Entry

The following is an exert from my new book:

Like everything else with the federal government, it has an acronym for places or websites that one can find notices of solicitation or other informs of inquiry to the public at large. According to FAR 5.003, the contracting officer most communicated on some form publicly accessible website or form. These websites are called Governmentwide Point of Entry or GPE. Let us discuss a little history on GPE, my experience, before the invention of the World Wide Web all contracting activities posted notices in a designated area within their buildings or printed publications to be disseminated. FAR 5.101 (a)(1) still has terminology that a GPE is displaying information in a public place like a government building. Of course, due to security issues today, which is a topic for another book, and the creation of the internet, contracting officers, can instantaneously disseminate information to the public at large and business sectors. Let us start with the most commonly used GPE, which called Federal Business Opportunities or FEDBIZOPPS. FEDBIZOPPS is a reachable public website at the URL - https://www.fbo.gov. According to their website, there are thousands and thousands of federal opportunities posted in solicitations of varying requirements. This particular website not only allows for solicitation, but pre-solicitation, synopsis, request for information, sources sought, and many other forms to disseminate information through this GPE. You are probably wondering besides a pre-solicitation and solicitation, as we discussed in the prior chapter, what are some other forms of disseminating information through this GPE?


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