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Performance Work Statement - Key Personnel

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Like I stated before, reading GAO's bid protest provide clarity and understanding of every part of federal procurement dynamics.

There are many elements in developing PWS, one of which is explaining key personnel and possible experience level required. GAO’s bid protest, B-416374, Performance Systems, LLC., noted the agencies PWS required resume to be submitted along with an explanation of required key personnel. A SOW and PWS should always be the basis for evaluating a requirement in the source selection process. Also, GAO’s bid protest, B-416374, Performance Systems, LLC., according to the plaintiff, Performance Systems, LLC., argued the agency unreasonably applied the resumes and key personnel requirements when evaluating the requirement. Additionally, GAO’s bid protest, B-416097, Octo Consulting Group, Inc., furthermore solidified governance of the significance of PWS and the basis, guidance, and clarity the PWS should provided.


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