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Proposals Submissions-Part 1-Errors

This morning, I am starting a new blog series called "Proposals Submissions." This blog series will discuss helpful tips to assist your firm. Many times, we as business professionals get in a rush to submit some form of documentation, e.g., proposal submissions, communication letters, other related papers. ​ I found an interesting GAO case that could assist you. Remember, solicitations should be error-free, it is not the agency’s responsibility to correct your work. According to GAO’s BID Case # B-416899.2, Systems Analysis & Integration, Inc. (SI), filed a protest to GAO in 2018. SAI's basis was that the agency, Department of Army, Army Corps of Engineers did not hold adequate discussions. SI’s original proposal had several graphical error, especially the email address provided. GAO’s references a prior case from 2014, WKG & Assocs., LLC, B-409835, Aug. 26, 2014, 2014 CPD ¶ 250 at 9. This case notes, the agency is not held responsible for correcting errors in submitted proposal. My recommendations are that firms have a good editor or somebody with experience in federal government writing proposals. Passing on a little knowledge today with a smile :) #DrClaude


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