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Is Publicizing Contract Actions being Transparent?

Is publicizing contract actions being transparent? Do federal agencies publicize contract actions and award information with concise and clear intelligence? In 2017, QUT Law Review Journal commented contract terms and conditions should be clear and concise, so when publicized all possible offerors and public at large have a fair opportunity to respond. Additionally, In 2012, Public Contract Law Journal noted on the importance of being transparent through publicizing contract actions dynamics. When publicizing contract actions like RFP, RFQ, and RFI are they transparent enough for the public at large?

Do anybody remember the bulletin boards outside of contracting activities that held solicitations not so long ago? FAR 5, covers guidance on publicizing contract actions and dissemination of information. Contract action covers operations for supplies or services within or outside the existing contract scope, this also addresses modifications, change orders, and other related processes. FAR 5.1 notes that publicizing on Government Point of Entry (GPE) should only opportunities above $25,000. My personal belief that all opportunities should be advertised on a GPE no matter what the IGCE. Additionally, FAR 5 notes, The words "public place," which go back before the internet, when agencies placed opportunities on publicly accessible bulletin boards. These bulletin boards are things of the past due to post-9/11 security issues and the advent of the world wide web( WWW).

Today, we are a culture of mass data, especially on the WWW. is the information displayed clear and concise enough, so so all parties involved can understand the expectations? Also, Our governmental entities providing enough information about the opportunity? There is a non-governmental entity or NGE that tracks transparency not only with the United States but all over the world. This NGE is called Transparency International. Their premises and mission is track governmental entities that are not transparent enough, to address integrity, accountability, and corruption issues. Passing on a little knowledge each day! #DrClaude #SmilesDiscountsLLC #Informative #ProcurementDynamics


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