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FEDREG - Process of Proposed Rules

Good morning and God Bless, as is stated in prior blogs, knowing the dynamics and governance of the federal government is essential for any vendor that would like to do business within the federal marketplace. One of the most important resources is called The Federal Register (FR) is a publication, which published every business (1). The Federal Register contains governance, which includes "federal agency regulations, proposed rules, and notices of interest to the public, executive orders, proclamations, and other presidential documents (2)." Also, NARA notes that the main purpose of the FR is to inform citizens of their right, obligations, and access to federal benefits, and governance" (3). The FR was initially developed during the Great Depression (4) to disseminate information to the public at large to help them understand changes in legislation and possible implementation through rulemaking. Today, we will only discuss the process of prosed rules. You are probably wondering why you need to know this, especially as a business owner. ​For example, The Jobs Act of 2010, contains many changes to help small businesses in the federal marketplace. Of course, the law was passed in 2010, but just like many things that come from Congress are written into laws are very vague and need clarification on how it affects a particular agency (5). In general, the FR process of rulemaking several steps that include proposed rule, public input, and response to public input, agency input, and final rule (6). The final rule then is added to regulations. There is a lot more to the process, but that is the basic steps. Many times changes to regulations can take years like some the changes in the Jobs Act of 2010 relating to FAR 19 and subcontracting program. Do not always assume the changes will be implemented right away after the law was passed. Agencies like DoD, do not start implementing a change until it is officially in a regulation. Passing on a litte knowledge each day :)


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