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Invitation for Bid (IFIB)-Sealed Bid​​

Today's blog is a basic overview of IFIB-Sealed Bid. What other process is available for federal acquisition professional to solicit a requirement? When would a Federal Agency use Sealed Bid procurement dynamic? What limitation would the Sealed Bid process have? Before the use of Request for Proposals (RFP) federal agencies used the method of IFIB-Sealed Bid. The premise behind sealed bidding for IFIB is to provide equal opportunity for the public at large to respond to an IFIB. The federal solicited the requirement in a Government point of entry. Today this mostly completed on FBO.gov, when IFIB-Sealed Bid was commonplace in years past this solicitation was posted a bulletin board in some publicly accessible lobby or a newspaper. In 2014 procureware.com noted, sealed bidding Dynamics are appropriate in “fair and open” competitive marketplace, so the buying activity cannot impact the outcome. Also uslegal.com, Sealed Bid is an official paper put in a sealed envelope in response to an Invitation for Bid (IFIB). Furthermore, FAR 14, provides governance and definitions for Sealed Bids. Tomorrow will cover some of the essential steps. I look forward to everybody joining! Passing on a little knowledge each day. #knowledge #Informative #SmilesDiscountsLLC #DrClaude 

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