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More on Finding Opportunities!

Good morning, I hope this BLOG finds you well? Yesterday, we started a new series called “Finding Opportunities.” Today’s discussion covers first steps on whom to talk to initially. Like my service, there are many firms out in the marketplace that will provided you consulting help. Many provided varying services, which includes data access software on current opportunities and forecasting. Companies like Smiles Discount provide you full service consulting, which includes business development, technical writing, and proposal writing.

Another resource is small business specialist. Every executive branch agency is required to have small business representative per the FAR , so you can interact with. They are good individuals to obtain very useful information like forecasting, needs, NAICs codes their agency commonly uses, and much more. Please remember you should always do some research ahead of time before talking to anybody in the process. If you don’t know where to start please feel free to reach out to me at Smiles Discounts, so we can get you started in working in the federal marketplace. Talk to you all tomorrow. Passing on a little knowledge! DrClaude


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