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Caleb Bolden Mysteries

This literary fiction mystery series provides many twists, turns, and international intrigue with a first-class storyline.


Waves of the Unknown Murders:  Caleb Bolden Mystery

Claude Cable

The murders of three brothers collide with international intrigue in this first-class murder mystery from debut author Dr. Claude L. Cable. After finding three brothers murdered in three separate locations, local authorities are baffled. With few clues to go on and no suspects, the police and FBI enlist the help of a famous forensic scientist and university professor Caleb Bolden. Bolden has spent many years chasing evidence and investigating other local crimes in the hopes of stumbling across leads. But this newest case is about to become his most challenging ever. As Bolden peels back the layers of the town’s secrets, he discovers a plot with international implications—and a potentially dangerous outcome. Full of suspense, Waves of the Unknown Murders is a masterful, page-turning murder mystery that examines how far one man will go to uncover the truth. Also, available at BrowseAbout Books, Rehoboth Beach, DE, 19966. Please support your local book store.

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